OLYMPIC Banking System

OLYMPIC Banking System is a fully integrated, modular, real-time banking solution covering Front, Middle and Back-Office needs. The design of OLYMPIC Banking System is based on a central module grouping all the basic banking functions to which are added a wide choice of optional modules, fully integrated.

Based on a web browser, OLYMPIC Banking System is based on the latest technological standards: SOA design, N-tier construction, multi-databases, multi-operating systems.
Centered on the customer, OLYMPIC Banking System is fully configurable using parameters, allowing rapid adaptation of products or processes desired by the Bank or imposed by the markets.

OLYMPIC Banking System is multi-currency, multi-country, multi-entity and multi-time-zone, thus enabling the rapid establishment of a banking processing center serving several countries (hubs).

For each of the business lines, OLYMPIC Banking System covers the entire front-to-back processing cycle. To do this, it relies on native functions for managing flows and organizing business processes. These flow management and business process organization tools allow the bank to choose its level of automation while facilitating the integration of third-party systems.

OLYMPIC Banking System is installed with a pre-configured banking model. This includes input and consultation screens, menus, 360 ° customer views, portfolio presentations, reports, system tables and preconfigured business processes according to the best practices adopted by customers. Thus, the delivered components will be adjusted only to meet specific needs.